Class Information

Regular Group Meditation

Regular group meditation classes are held Thursday evenings from 7-8pm.

The group meditation classes generally follow the following format:Meditation Class

  • 5 Minutes of Walking Meditation
  • 10-15 Minutes of Sitting Meditation
  • 15 Minutes of Group Dialogue
  • 10-15 Minutes of Sitting Meditation
  • 15 Minutes of Group Dialogue

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Newcomer instruction is intertwined with regular group instruction.  Please arrive from 6:30 to 6:45 your first evening so we can get introduced.

Other Information

There is neither cost nor required donation for any of our programs. At the same time we are grateful for any donations. Most of our programs do not require registration. The few occasional events that require it will be clearly marked on our website or the event announcement.

The facility we use is primarily made up of one large room. We encourage you to wear something comfortable for the meditation. No shoes are worn in the meditation hall. No food or drink is allowed in the Meditation Center.

Mental Preparation for Classes

Meditation instruction follows the teachings of Ajahn Lee Dhammadharo and Ajahn Geoff, members of the Thai Forest Tradition. If you wish to get a head start with the meditation techniques taught at the meditation center, please read and experiment with the following:

  1. Ajahn Geoff's Meditation Instruction from his book: With Each and Every Breath 
  2. The "Guided Meditation" in Ajahn Geoff's Noble Strategy

Many of Ajahn Geoff's transcribed Dharma Talks are available in the curriculum section of this website.